College will reopens for the Academic year 2019 - 2020 on 06/06/2019     | |     Admission open for all UG and PG courses for the Academic Year 2019 - 2020 further details - contact College Office    

Board of Management

1 Sri Nandlal Pokardas President
2 Sri Rajalal Nichani Vice President
3 Sri J.C.Prakash Hon. General Secretary
4 Sri Danesh Kumar Chabria Hon Jt. General Secretary
5 Sri Devidas Jethanand Tresurer
6 Sri Gurmukh Kinger Member
7 Sri SriChand Chabria Member
8 Sri Suresh Chabria Member
9 Sri Biharilal Ahuja Member
10 Sri Ashok B. Ahuja Member
11 Sri Om Prakash Member
12 Sri SriChand P. Hinduja Member
13 Sri Gopichand P. Hinduja Member
14 Sri Prakash P. Hinduja Member
15 Sri Ashok P. Hinduja Member

Sindhi College Committee (Governing Council)

1 Sri Nandlal Pokardas Chairman
2 Sri J.C.Prakash Hon. Secretary
3 Sri Om Prakash Treasurer
4 Sri Gurmukh Kinger Member
5 Sri Rajalal Nichani Member
6 Sri Srichand Chabria Member
7 Sri Devidas Jethanand Member
8 Dr. K. Satyanarayana Principal
9 Dr. P.D.Balaji Univ. Rep.

Placement Facilities