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The happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others.
- Gordon B. Hinckley

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  •    The objectives of the MSW course are to prepare candidates for a career in Social Work.
  •    To gain an understanding of Social Work Education and its emergence as a profession.
  •    To create an awareness on the scope of using the various methods of Social Work.
  •    To equip students on the need and emergence of mental health and well-being and address the concerns with their hands-on training in clinical social work practice.
  •    To enable the students to gain knowledge about the society and its dynamics.
  •    To develop skills effectively in problem solving at micro and macro level in the society.
  •    To equip students with an understanding of the competitive environment in which private and public sector organizations operate. To enable the students to perceive and develop the attitudes required for successful application for Personnel Management.

About the Department

The PG Department of Social Work was established in 2005 offering a full-fledged two-year Post Graduate programme in Social Work with three specializations namely Community Development, Human Resource Management, Medical & Psychiatry.

The department aims to promote a holistic development of student community enhancing their unique leadership qualities imbibing the professional values and ethics and work at different levels using the various methods of Social Work for social responsibility, redistribution of resources and conflict resolution.

Job Prospects:

Medical Social Worker, Child Development Manager, HR Manager, Fundraiser, Professor, Labour Welfare Officer, Domestic Violence Advocate, Correctional Counsellor, Project Manager, Student Counsellor, Folk Arts Trainer etc.