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  1. To conduct academic activities of the department under the guidance of the principal.
  2. Assign the subjects to the faculty members at least two weeks before the commencement of every semester.
  3. To ensure that the time-tables are prepared as per the guidelines, prescribed by the university of Madras.
  4. Ensure that the department faculty update the lesson plans everyday.
  5. To ensure that their department maintains good academic results and performance.
  6. Collect the students' feedback about the faculty members' teaching and their academic approach, and communicate the feedback to faculty members concerned and guide the faculty members to improve their performance based on the feedback, if needed.
  7. To inform the parents about their ward's attendance particulars and internal exam marks with the help of the class tutors.
  8. Counsel the students who are absent for the internal exams or irregular to the class.
  9. Ensure academic discipline in the department.
  10. To carry out other academic duties assigned by the principal and the management.
  11. Maintain department files such as Faculty Lesson Plan Files, Budget Files, Department Meetings Minutes File, Lab Equipment Quotation File etc.,