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Teaching Staff - Rules & Regulations and Code of Conduct

The faculty members of Sindhi College are responsible for the contribution and sustenance of the standards of the institution. They should adhere to the relevant policies, rules, regulations, norms and standards set to guide their work. Every individual member is collectively accountable for his/her action for upholding those standards of behavior with all applicable rules, regulations and code of conduct. During the period of service all the members of the staff must discharge their duties honestly and efficiently abiding by the timely directions from the Head of the Institution.

Curricular related responsibilities

  •   Efficient teaching
  •   Course planning and material preparation
  •   Examination, evaluation and grading
  •   Maintenance of records
  •   Participation in academic development

Regulations in regard to availing OD and leave

  • library_books  Each faculty member shall be permitted for on duty only twice per year for conference or to serve as resource persons.
  • library_books  Faculty members going for paper evaluation to other universities or to conduct practical exams in other colleges can avail on duty up to five days.
  • library_books  Faculty members who receive letters from the University of Madras for the semester evaluation will be permitted as per norms.
  • library_books  Leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right. Written application well in advance with sufficient reason is required for the grant of leave.
  • library_books  A teaching / non-teaching staff is eligible for 12 days casual leave and a permanent staff is eligible for 15 days casual leave in a calendar year provided that they have sufficient reason to avail it.
  • library_books  Female staff are eligible for 3 months leave with full pay for maternity purposes.

Code of Conduct

Faculty members are expected to behave with dignity and decorum. They must strictly adhere to the following code of conduct laid by the management. Faculty members who engage in any of these misconduct will be either suspended or dismissed in accordance with the institution's policies.

No Faculty member shall ...

  • assignment_ind  Take frequent leave.
  • assignment_ind  Overstay sanctioned leave without satisfactory explanation. He/she should not leave the college premises without any proper information.
  • assignment_ind  Be lax or neglect work or breach the rules and regulations laid by the management.
  • assignment_ind  Be idle, sleep, loiter or waste time during working hours.
  • assignment_ind  Involve themselves in theft, fraud or dishonesty in connection with the property of the institution.
  • assignment_ind  Take or give bribes for any illegal gratifications. (Gifts, Cash from outsiders, students etc.)
  • assignment_ind  Give attendance and additional marks for any student for monetary benefits (in the form of cash, gifts etc.,)
  • assignment_ind  Collect money from students and other staff for any purpose at any time in the institution without the permission from the higher authority.
  • assignment_ind  Participate in any illegal or unjustified strike.
  • assignment_ind  Organize, hold or attend any meeting within the establishment without prior /proper approval of the principal.
  • assignment_ind  Involve in riotous, disorderly, indecent or improper behavior. They should never use any abusive language or threaten, intimidate other employees.
  • assignment_ind  Involve themselves in smoking, gambling, consumption or possession of alcohol/ illegal substances within the establishment.
  • assignment_ind  Engage in Sexual harassment.
  • assignment_ind  Willfully falsify, deface or destroy any records of the Institution bring disrepute to the institution either directly or indirectly.